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30 years after the worst nuclear disaster known to humans, the Chernobyl Wolves and other wildlife are thriving where people fear to tread.

Ionizing Radiation sign next to Red Forest in Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Zone of Alienation, Ukraine: Chernobyl Wolves

Ionizing Radiation sign, the Red Forest, Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Zone of Alienation, Ukraine

Over 30 years have passed since the nuclear disaster that expelled all human life from Chernobyl, northern Ukraine.

April 26, 1986, will always remain an unforgettable day in history as the doomed day when the nuclear plant there exploded during a safety test. The area was evacuated, leaving a non-

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Many people are scared at their return, but are German Wolves actually a threat to human life?

A Wolf In Saxony ; German wolves

A Wolf In Saxony (Photo: DPA)

Wolves suffered a lot of persecution in ancient Europe largely due to superstitions and harmful folklore. As these animals gradually reestablish themselves across modern Europe, some of these superstitions are rearing their heads again.

Basically giving the wolf a bad name so as to have an excuse to “hang” it. German wolves are a part of this dynamic and as they slowly return to the country, reactions are mixed. As expected,

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Wolves continue to fascinate us and here are 7 reasons we are so in love with them.

7 reasons we are so in love with wolvesNo doubt, wolves remain one of the most fascinating terrestrial creatures sharing the planet with us. These animals were even regarded as gods – or companions of the gods – in Norse mythology and were instrumental in the history of places like Rome.

Traditionally, wolves inhabited all of North America. But by the time more Europeans started to settle in North America, the wolf population began dropping rapidly due to intense hunting practices.

That’s because Europeans back then feared and hated wolves based on prejudices passed on

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The age-old tradition of destroying “troublesome” animals persists as Russian Wolves are open to bounty hunting, and are being killed in their thousands.

Eurasian Wolf Specimen In Bavaria, Germany: Russian Wolves

Eurasian Wolf Specimen In Bavaria, Germany. This Is One Of The Four Native Wolf Types In Russia. (Courtesy: Commons cc 2.0)

Russian Wolves have a reputation for being aggressive. In fact, Russian wolves are notorious for attacking and killing reindeer, horses, and humans.

During World War II, one account states how soldiers from opposing warring sides had to join forces to survive the attacks of these wolves. Just recently, the media was awash with reports of so called Russian wolf “super packs.”

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