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Coyote-Wolf Hybrids now number in their millions across Eastern North America.

A Hybrid In Virginia: Coyote-Wolf Hybrids

A Coyote-Wolf Hybrid In Virginia (Photo: Commons. cc by-s.a. 3.0)

By now, residents of Eastern Canada and the USA are accustomed to a smart, fast, and very adaptable “coyote-like” animal living around them. This creature lurks around in the wild in forests, in parks, and sometimes even right in busy cities.

In 2013, Javier Monzón a canine geneticist decided to investigate reports of a group of coyotes living in northeastern North America. However, further observation revealed that these “coyotes” were bigger, stronger, and faster than the usual coyotes.

It turns out these animals aren’t true coyotes at all. Actually, they would be better classified as

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Meet Africa’s most endangered canine, the Ethiopian wolf.

The Ethiopian Wolf

The Ethiopian Wolf Is The Most Endangered Wolf Species Today (Author: Stuart Orford cc by-s.a. 2.0)

The Ethiopian wolf is native to the Ethiopian Highlands and is remarkably similar to the North American coyote in appearance, size, and build. This is a highly specialized wolf because unlike other canids (members of the dog family), it has a specific diet and habitat in which it thrives. It is one of five Canis species living in Africa.

They have a more slender build than the more popular gray wolf, its closest relative. This species has a bushy and relatively long tail, pointed ears, slender elongated snout, and long slim legs. They are easily mistaken for foxes and jackals.

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