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Though the Caspian Sea Wolf or Steppe Wolf is steadily declining in number, it’s still open to bounty hunting.

Caspian Sea Wolf

Caspian Sea Wolf (Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons cc by-s.a. 3.0)

The Caspian Sea Wolf, or Steppe Wolf, is an endangered subspecies of the gray wolf. This animal was once found throughout the area between the Caspian and Black seas but is now seriously restricted to a few scattered packs around the Caspian Sea.

Like other Eurasian wolves, these are highly social animals. However, the steady and unchecked decline in their numbers and territory means they now form smaller packs than their kind in North America.

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The age-old tradition of destroying “troublesome” animals persists as Russian Wolves are open to bounty hunting, and are being killed in their thousands.

Eurasian Wolf Specimen In Bavaria, Germany: Russian Wolves

Eurasian Wolf Specimen In Bavaria, Germany. This Is One Of The Four Native Wolf Types In Russia. (Courtesy: Commons cc 2.0)

Russian Wolves have a reputation for being aggressive. In fact, Russian wolves are notorious for attacking and killing reindeer, horses, and humans.

During World War II, one account states how soldiers from opposing warring sides had to join forces to survive the attacks of these wolves. Just recently, the media was awash with reports of so called Russian wolf “super packs.”

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